TEAM-A’s Mission is to advance an evidence-based compassionate pedagogical culture by offering research-informed, interactive, peer-validated, pragmatic, and culturally attentive professional development opportunities to all aspiring Tibetan teachers.


Our approach is embedded in the values of kindness, compassion, and critical thinking as crucial components for ensuring transparency, accountability, respect, and ethical action.  


Our approach is embedded in the value that teaching is an act of kindness that unlocks the door to student learning and cultivates teacher pedagogical transformation.


We believe in providing teachers with a self-renewing praxis that provides a transformative and robust learning environment for teachers and students.

The Tibetan Education Advancement Mission Academy is currently developing its inaugural professional teacher workshop platform proof of concept. We plan to launch our first workshop training in 2022, with plans to apply workshop outcomes to refine the teaching praxis for future training. We will share our progress and outcomes as part of our commitment to continuous learning and knowledge sharing.  

Program Goals